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Stand Alone


Words to Live By

Our spring sermon series based on 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, featuring the key words: guard, faith, strength/courage, and love.

Easter at Cornerstone

This year, the theme for our Easter series is Rise, not just as it applies to Jesus, but to each of us as well. Jesus made us a promise -He would die, He would rise and He would bring salvation – not just for “good” people, but for anyonewho believed. When He stepped out of the tomb, He crushed the chains of fear, shame and regret that keep us tied down by sin. Jesus defied the grave, rose from the dead, and invited us to rise in triumph with him.

Godly U

Just as there are exercises that we can do at the gym to improve physically; there are action steps that we can learn to grow spiritually. Let's put a little sweat into our spiritual lives!



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